Spring Racing Part One: Bags and Shoes

Spring racing bags, clutches, shoes and heels

Spring Racing season is upon us.
It's just another one of the many things I love about Spring (right behind sunshine and flowers, that is!) and even though I haven't actually attended a race meet in the longest time, I love stalking the elegance and glamour that comes from the fashion on the fields. 

 So, I bring you to part one of my Spring Racing 'What to Wear' series with the all important bags and shoes. Having the right bag and shoes for any event is just as crucial as what you are wearing and since I am not really a fan of the birds nest-esque fascinators (I just don't get them!) I definitely focus more of my attention on the other accessories!!

Check back tomorrow for Part Two: The Outfit.

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New Hair, Don't Care.

Emily Suresh, Vintage ChicIMG_0453

As promised, a quick post to update you all on my new hair do!

You may have been expecting something a little more drastic, but this is in fact quite a big change for me. As someone who has been 'growing their hair long' pretty much since I was born, getting it cut at all is kind of a big deal! It's strange how much emotional attachment we have with our hair isn't it?! 
It may have taken me 30 or so years to get to this point but I am so glad I did, I am loving this length and the difference in the condition of my hair is amazing... who knows I may even go above the shoulders next time!! (Ok, maybe not. I don't think I will ever get to that stage!)

Hope you are all enjoying your Monday!


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Outfit: Pinstripe Pants and Peplum Top

Zara navy and white pinstripe trousers
Saints and secrets low cut peplum top

Are they pyjamas or pants?

Beauty Review: Nude by Nature Ultimate Nude Eyeshadow

Nude by Nature Eyeshadow Palette in Ultimate Nude

I have a confession to make: 
I am a creature of habit and I love routine and familiarity. Yep, I am one of those 'boring' people. Being spontaneous scares me. I need to know exactly what is happening and when and of course I need ample time to weigh up the pros and cons before making a decision!! 
My predictable nature even extends to my day to day eyeshadow choice.  I tend to stick to the exact shade every time. So recently when I was on the hunt for a new trio of brown shades to replace my old brown trio palette, this one by Nude by Nature was the obvious choice.

The colours in this palette are perfect for that natural look I know and love and the eyeshadow texture is creamy with a slight sheen to it, so gives a really nice finish when on. It lasted quite well throughout the day, too. Oh and the compact looks good, which of course is a must!!

It's actually the first time using Nude by Nature and after a little research I found that their range is made from 100% naturally derived ingredients and definitely not tested on animals. 

I was pretty impressed all round with the eyeshadow and I will be heading back for the smokey palette too. (As soon as I run out of my current nighttime signature palette that is!)


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4. Fab Five Fashion Finds Under $50

From left to right: 

Fabulous fashion under $50.. need I say more!

It has been a little while since our last fab five post so I thought it would be a nice way to brighten up a Monday, although with perfect blue skies and gorgeous sunshine today in Perth, I can almost say this Monday ain't so bad..

Hope everyone is enjoying their day as much as me!

   More fab finds under $50 here:

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Steal her style: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo double denim style

The always on point Olivia Palermo is the ultimate style crush. She nails it every time and has casual chic down to an art. Even more impressive is her ability to rock the double denim so effortlessly!! (Exhibit A, above.) This look is so simple yet so perfect and has me wishing thinking, why can't I look that cool?!
Well, in an effort to enable us all to ooze the O.P. cool, I have searched high and low to find the perfect pieces to recreate this look.
Thank me later.. when you are looking super chic in your new denim on denim ensemble, that is!

Steal her style:

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